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What Are Some Signs You Need an Air Purifier in Your Home?

Whether you smoke or not, you may need an air purifier more than you know. There are tons of pollutants in the air and you don’t need a pet to get them.

So you want to keep your air clean and breathable?

Not sure if you really need an air purifier because maybe you don’t smoke but want to know the signs of needing one. Maybe you do smoke so you probably do need an air purifier for cigar or cigarette smoke and odors – or even the recently legalized weed smoke.

Let’s go over some signs of definitely needing an air purifier – because after all its you and your family’s health at stake.

There’s a Chemical Smell

It may be faint, but maybe you use a lot of disinfectant sprays in your house which you think are helping. But ultimately, these have a lot of chemicals that are not good for your health.

Carpeting can trap these sprays or varnishes in the fabrics of the carpet and keep that smell in your home.

You’ll need to look for specific air purifiers that remove these volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Stuffy and Stale Air

If you don’t smell fresh air inside your home and it feels stuffy or stale then it may be time for an air purifier.

You should also check your vents and clean your air filters in your home, but if the stuffiness persists then you’ll need to purify the air.

You See Dust or Dust Mites

When the sunlight hits the air do you see a lot of dust particles flowing around?

While dust may seem very small, if you see a lot of it building up in areas that you don’t touch often – like under your bed or behind furniture – then most likely dust mites are building up.

Ever see a microscopic view of a dust mite?


You don’t want them in your home and you won’t have to dust as often with an air purifier. Less work for you and less dust for everyone. Winning.

You or a Family Member Have a Chronic Illness

Is someone in your family constantly coughing or getting sick.

Or maybe someone has a respiratory disease or chronic illness.

Along with the above tip of cleaning your home’s air filters you still want to purify the air as much as possible to keep as many air pollutants away from those with suffering immune systems.

You or Your Loved One Snores Every Night

The air pollutants can cause more blockage in your airways than you know.

You could try using a neti pot to wash out your nasal stream with salt water. But that can burn and feel very funny for those that don’t like the comfort of putting something inside your nose.

Ultimately though, an air purifier should help with this but won’t be the one size fits all solution for those who have nasal congestion for other reasons. But it should help.

Caught a Case of the Sneezes

If you have been sneezing a lot more recently then it could be a sign of air pollutants getting trapped in your nasal airways.

For those that have pets then dander is probably the main cause of this.

So you will definitely need an air purifier, or hypoallergenic pets. But for those of us that can’t afford them then an air purifier is a much more affordable route.


Hopefully now you realize the signs of why you need an air purifier in your home. You and your loved ones – even your pets – will be thankful!

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